Diving Instruction in Key Largo

Rainbow Reef Dive Center awarded PADI Instructor Development Award 2013 image

We received PADI's highest honor in 2013: The "PADI Instructor Development Award"

Rainbow Reef has some of the most experienced and award winning instructors that you can find anywhere in the world. Our recreational instructor staff are personally trained by our two Platinum Course Directors in our own PADI 5 Star Career Development Center.

Many of our Instructors are PADI Master Instructors

Additionally, 5 separate times, and more than any other dive center in the world, our instruction staff or Dive Center have won the prestigious "PADI Member of the Month", where ONLY 1 Instructor or Dive Center in the world is honored each month.

We proudly offer the following PADI dive classes:

  • Discover Scuba Courses with Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, FL imagediscover scuba

    DIVE TODAY! This is the most fantastic way for those with NO EXPERIENCE to try out the wonderful world of scuba diving. Our all-inclusive 1 day introductory course is the perfect way to give Scuba Diving a try! You can be diving in as little as 1 hour! Class counts toward an Open Water Certification.

  • open water

    Entry-level certification. For ages 10 and older. The traditional version of the complete course done at our location takes place over 3 days. This class has everything you need to become certified, which includes classroom sessions, pool sessions, four open-water dives, 2 boat trips, books, dive table/ERDPml and certification card. You'll just need your own mask, fins and snorkel for this course, which we can help you pick out from our large selection and find the right fit.

    Don’t have a lot of time? See the e-learning version of the Open Water Class

  • advanced open water

    Learn the effects and precautions of diving deep with Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, Florida Keys

    Further refines diving skills and introduces student to advanced diving under the supervision of a PADI instructor. Includes five dives, two of which must be deep dive and navigation dives... with the other three including night, wreck, drift, or AWARE Fish ID, among others. Age 12 or older, 2-3 days traditional class includes manual and dive trips.

    Open up a whole new level of diving and adventure.

  • Open Water Referral/Check Out

    Rescue Diver Courses in Key Largo, Florida Keys graphic

    Need to finish your training?! We participate in the Universal Referral Certification program. You can have your classroom and pool signed off by your dive shop or instructor back home, and we can do your open water check-out dives to complete your certification dives for all of the agencies including SSI, NAUI, and most others.

    Price includes, 4 checkout dives, rental gear, instructor, tanks and weights.

    If you started with PADI, then your certification card is also included.

  • refresher dive class

    Has it been a while since you went diving?! Need to refresh your skills?

    We offer 1/2 day and full day refresher courses. We recommend you consider at least a 1/2 day refresher if it has been more than 2 years since your last dive, or you have limited experience.

    1/2 day refresher includes your instructor and rental gear, full day refresher also includes a 2 tank 2 location dive trip with your instructor.

  • nitrox courses

    Nitrox (Enriched Air) Courses with Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, FL image

    Looking to extend your bottom time?

    Then check out the Enriched Air Diver program. To enter the program, you’ll need to be 12 or older, and a certified Open Water Diver. The Enriched air program emphasizes the theoretical and operational considerations involved with enriched air diving.

    You have several options to take your Enriched Air/Nitrox class!

    You can start your class online today, or you can elect the more traditional way with a manual and video mailed to you. When you arrive at RRDC you complete your certification by meeting with your instructor, analyzing your tanks, planning your dive, and receiving your certification card. If you elect the traditional manual/video path, you will also need to take your final exam with your instructor.

  • specialty courses

    Specialty Diving Courses with Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, FL image

    Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Drift Diver, Digital Photo, Underwater Navigator, Search and Recovery, Project AWARE Fish ID, and Peak Performance Buoyancy and other

    Specialties are all available through Rainbow Reef Dive Center.. Don't forget that if you are an Advanced Open Water Diver, all of your dives count towards these specialties!

  • rescue diver

    Rescue Diver Courses with Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, FL image

    Teaches diver how to recognize diving-related injuries/symptoms and proper care for diving-related injuries. Diver becomes well versed in diving accident rescue and management. Must also be EFR Certified or had a CPR & First Aid course within past two years to meet the requirements of this certification. We can also teach you the PADI EFR class during the 3 days over which the Rescue Diver certification takes place for an additional $99.00. Online version is also available.

  • padi dive master

    Divemaster: The first Professional Diver level patch graphic

    The first professional level...

    As a graduate, you will be well versed in diving theory, physics, physiology, dive boat and shop operations, diver and dive student management, and control of dive operations. Must be Rescue Diver certified an 18 years old, Course is over 8 days.

  • Instructor Training

    Rainbow Reef Dive Center is a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center graphic

    Did you know that Rainbow Reef Dive Center is a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center? That means we can help make the dream of becoming a scuba diving instructor come true! There are quite a few options and programs that we offer to help make your dream a reality. So please click on the below link if you'd like to go to our IDC web site and find out all the details.

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