Advanced Open Water Scuba Instruction

Your diving adventures continue... Whether you have just been certified, or have logged lots of dives, this course will teach you new skills, improve old ones and build confidence and awareness in scuba diving.

Plan out your Advanced Open Water diving:

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    • PADI eCode
    • Dive Trips
    • Instruction
    • Pic Card

    Not Included:

    • Rental Equipment
    • Dive Light
    • Dive Computer

    In total, there are five dives needed to complete your Advanced Open Water certification, but there are two required dives: Navigation and Deep Dive. Both will take your knowledge and enthusiasm to a whole new level.

    Typically, we do not have you complete your Deep Dive the first day, and will use Navigation and one of your chosen elective dives to begin the course. The elective dives are listed below, you will choose a total of 3 to complete your training into the Advanced Open Water Certification level.

    • Build your confidence navigating under water with Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, Florida Keys

      Core Dive #1: Navigation

      Builds your skills and confidence navigating under water with your compass.

    • Learn the effects and precautions of diving deep with Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo, Florida Keys

      Core Dive #2: Deep Dive

      Teaches you all about the effects and precautions you must take when diving more than 60 feet.

Next, select your first elective dives from below:

The elective dives are completely your choice, please select dives you are interested in from the lists below and add those 3 elective dives together with your 2 core dives.

  • Select one or two dives from this list:

    • Ships, Airplanes, even cars are fascinating to explore and usually teem with aquatic life. Each wreck dive offers a chance for a new discovery, or perhaps a dive into history.

    • Drift diving can be relaxing and exhilarating. The dive is the introduction on how to enjoy going with the flow as you use ocean currents to glide along.

    • This dive helps you expand your knowledge about boats from small inflatables to large liveaboards and everything in between. Terminology, procedures, and performance factors are all touched upon.

    • Retrieve lost items that have fallen overboard or over a dock. Learn effective search swimming patterns and how to use a lift bag for heavy objects.

    • Observe aquatic life without disturbing their surroundings. Improve upon the buoyancy skills you learned as a new diver and elevate them to the next level.

    • Learn the basics on underwater video and photo and how the underwater world affects these images. Helps you develop techniques for getting sharp colorful underwater video and images while you dive.

    Keep in mind that the AOW PADI eCode is included in the price of this Advanced Open Water class.
    Rental Dive Gear, Cameras, and Dive Lights are NOT.

Then, select one or two elective dives from below:

  • One or two dives from this list: (for a total of 5 dives)

    • Enjoy dives even more when you can recognize and identify fish families and their characteristics. On this dive you'll learn at least 5 new fish, 4 invertebrates, and 2 plants.

    • Get a better understanding about the local ecosystem and the differences between terrestrial and aquatic worlds. Learn to see new things such as animal behaviors, underwater habitats, and see creatures you may have missed before even in the most familiar dive sites.

    • Sharks are an essential part of a health ocean. This dive explores why they are vulnerable, the importance of a healthy shark population, managing threats, and how to take action to protect sharks.

    • The underwater world changes as day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge. If you've wondered what happens underwater after the sun goes down, this dive is the perfect instructor led introduction to the underwater world at night.

    That's all there is to it!

    In just a couple of days, you'll be Advanced Open Water certified!

Don't Forget! Everything you get in our Advanced Open Water dive gear package:

Advanced Open Water Dive Gear package image
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  • RRDC Mesh Drawstring Bag

  • Wrist Mount Compass

  • 3" Stainless Dive Knife

  • DSMB (See me Float)

  • 3D Caribbean Fish ID Card

  • Finger Reel

  • Rainbow Reef Mask Slap Strap

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