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Molasses Reef in the Florida Keys, Key Largo

Here at Rainbow Reef Dive Center In Key Largo, we believe in two things...

First: Take as many courses as you can to build diving skills


Second: Own your own gear!

When you buy gear from RRDC and, know that you are purchasing gear from an authorized dealer and from knowledgeable and professional staff. With Rainbow Reef, rest assured you are buying from an authorized dealer, so all warranties are honored.

Ever see a $500 dive computer listed somewhere else for only $250.00?
That's because they're an unauthorized dealer and the product is NOT UNDER WARRANTY!

What you may not realize when it comes to pricing is that throughout the dive industry, dive gear manufacturers specify the "Minimum Advertised Price" of gear, and all stores (online or offline) must adhere to this pricing policy.

However, we are able to offer some things that other shops cannot:

We add value by not only showing you how to use the gear, but also letting you demo any Regulator, BCD, and most computers we sell in our ON-SITE 12' deep pool! You can't do that online!

Traveling and want to keep it light dive gear image

Traveling and want to keep it light? No problem! Buy from us and use the gear while you are here and when your trip is at its end, RRDC will ship your gear to your home for free!! (once dry of course)

The bottom line?
We will simply not be undersold.

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