Advanced Package

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The advanced Mask Fins and Snorkel package features the innovative Aqualung Express Adjustable fins and includes a pair of Aqualung booties at no extra charge!

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    Perfect for the Advanced Diver Aqualung Express Adjustable fins feature armadillo and reflex technology for maximum thrust with maximum efficiency.

    Key points about this dive gear package:

    • Aqualung Booties included!

    • High Tech Fins

    • Many colors to choose from

    • Gear Bag included!

    Great gear for any diver, but hand picked with the Advanced diver in mind. All 9 pieces of this package are just one low price, with many color choices for the fins, mask and snorkels.

    Aqua Lung Deep See Focus image

    Aqua Lung Deep See Focus

    Aqua Lung Express ADJ image

    Aqua Lung Express ADJ

    Aqua Lung Deep See Airway Snorkel image

    Aqua Lung Deep See Airway Snorkel

    Upgrade your mask to Atomic SubFrame for just $50

    Upgrade your mask to Aqualung MicroMask for just $50

    Upgrade your Snorkel to Atomic SV1 for just $30

    Dive bag, dive slate, dive whistle and rainbow reef slap strap image

    BONUS! Included with our mask, fins, snorkel packages:

    Mesh Dive Bag, Basic Dive Slate, Dive Whistle, Defog and Rainbow Reef Dive Center slap strap for your dive mask!

    Don't Forget! $50OFF Your Class price page curl
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Rainbow Reef Dive Center Barracuda
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