Rescue Diver Scuba Class

"Enjoyable and Fun" is the way most divers describe the Rescue Diver class after completion

The Rescue Diver course emphasizes a strong development of accident prevention and rescue management skills. Learn how to make diving more safe and enjoyable for yourself and others. Also, learn how to foresee and prevent potential dive related accidents. Then, you will learn how to put these newly developed skills into practice by managing a dive accident scene, and performing.

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    • Manual/Books
    • Dive Trips
    • Instruction
    • Pic Card

    Not Included:

    • Equipment

    Your class consists of several sessions, spanning just 2-3 days, and can be custom designed to meet the needs of your Florida Keys visit.

    But in most cases it is set up like this:

    Session #1: Lecture & Exam

    You'll spend the day learning the theory, completing knowledge reviews and taking your final exam.

    Session #2: Pool Session 1 & 2

    You'll practice all of your new Rescue diver skills and scenarios in the pool.

    Session #3: Pool Session 3 & 4

    Now the real action begins as you begin to combine individual skills into complete rescue scenarios.

    Session #4: Dives 1 & 2

    Molasses Reef in the Florida Keys, Key Largo

    Your open water dives will bring all of the individual skills and mini-scenarios you learned together into simulated emergency rescue situations from begining to end with you serving in several different roles.

    Optional: EFR Class

    An EFR or equivalent certification is required to be certified as a PADI Rescue Diver. We say optional because sometimes people have an equivalent qualifying CPR certification (Red Cross for example), however in most cases it's best to take our PADI EFR class for just $99.00.

    This class includes your Books, Certification Card, and requisite dive trips, so everything you'll need is just once price.

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