PADI Open Water Referral/Checkout Dives

Rainbow Reef Dive Center participates in the Universal Referral Certification program.

If you have started your training at your hometown dive shop, we can do your open water checkout dives so you can complete your certification. All of your Scuba equipment, dive trips, instructor and certification card costs are included in our low price. We even include a skills orientation in the pool in the morning, so you can tune up, and be on the same page with your instructor before you go diving in the afternoon.

  • Course Price $275 [ PP ] price page curl
    Or Just $50 w/ Dive Gear
    price page curl
    Or Get It FREE when purchased w/ Dive Gear & MSF Pkg. price page curl


    • Dive Trips

    • Instruction

    • BCD Rental

    • Regulator Rental

    • Pic Card

    (Discounts for parties of
    three or more)

    If you've started your training under NAUI, SSI, PDIC, or many other agencies, your open water checkout dives with us will complete your open water certification with that agency. Since we are a PADI divecenter, you also have the option of certifying with PADI. The only additional thing you need to do is take the PADI final exam, and you will also be certified with PADI, the largest association of divers in the world.

    In most cases, the Referral/Checkout dive class is set up like this:

    • Day 1, Morning:

      Skills Orientation in Pool

    • Day 1, Afternoon:

      Checkout Dives #1 & #2

    • Day 2, Morning:

      Optional gear demos in pool

    • Day 2, Afternoon:

      Checkout Dives #3 & #4

    The only thing required for your course that is not included in the class price is your own personal dive gear, which we define as your Mask, Fins and Snorkel. You may either bring your own, or take advantage of our great dive gear packages and receive discounts on your class or gear. We highly recommend you take a look at our packages before you run out and acquire gear, as we have an awesome selection of high quality dive gear at unbeatable prices.

    This course is an all-inclusive experience and certification program - The price of the class includes your certification card, rental BCD, rental Regulator/SPG/octo, tanks and weights.

    You'll need:

    • Your Own Personal Dive Gear

      (Mask, fins, snorkel)

      Don't have Your Own Gear?

      We've Got You Covered!

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    Although it is a requirement that you have your own personal dive gear in order to take a class with us, it is not a requirement that you buy the gear from us. However - if you do choose one of our great packages you'll get a chance to try different gear during your class and assure a great fit and meet your preferences before you make any purchases.

    Upon completion, you will be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver, and qualified to dive with us for the rest of your vacation - and of course at thousands of dive centers around the world. Don't forget when you get certified with us, you are also eligible to receive great discounts on all of our high quality dive gear from Aqualung, Suunto, Atomic, Mares, Poseidon, Ocean Reef, Shearwater, Dive-Rite and more at our store.

    Look at everything you get in our Open Water dive gear package!

    Open Water Dive Gear package image
    All this Just $179 8 Piece Package price page curl
    Don't Forget! $50 OFF With Class price page curl
    • Aqualung Deep See Focus Dive Mask

    • Bare Fastback full-foot Fin

    • Aqua Lung Deep See Airway Snorkel

    • Rainbow Reef Slap Strap

    • Dive Slate

    • Defog Solution

    • Fox40 Whistle

    • Rainbow Reef Mesh carry bag

    With this dive gear package, you will meet all of the necessary PADI requirements for Open Water gear!

That's Right!

Grab the gear you were already looking for, and get a Crazy Discount on this Open Water Referral/Checkout dive instruction course!

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