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  • Site Depth:
    110-130 feet

    Diver Level:
    Advanced Open Water

The Sterns section of the USCG Duane has a mooring attached to starboard side of the wreck at the fantail at 110 feet. The wreck sits completely upright with the bow, crowsnest, and fantail and stern to the South. The crowsnest of the Duane is one of the most photographed features of any dive site in Key Largo with clouds of fish constantly schooling around it. The main superstructure has plenty of openings for divers to swim through.

Sunk in 1987 and in close proximity of the gulfstream The USCG Duane is covered in colorful corals. Schools of permit and Barracudas are common on the wreck as are a pair of resident Hawksbill Turtles. Goliath Groupers and Bull Sharks are frequently sighted as well.

Depth is 110 to 130 feet and currents can be very strong. This dive is recommended for Advanced divers or certified divers with deep diving experience however an Advanced or Wreck Specialty certification and a reel is required if you wish to penetrate the wreck.

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