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The port stern area is on the aft of the ship and features the long tall gunnels of the well deck and also the stern doors. Under the doors, you can still see the propellers so if you are certified to dive deep, they are quite a sight to see. The depth here ranges from 85-130 feet because you can reach the top of the gunnels at about 85 feet then the base of the well deck is a huge open area at about 115 feet.

The exciting part of the well deck is when you drop down under the super-structure and swim towards the bow. It's a huge area and you'll swim about 100 feet inside the ship under the super-structure into the darkness. When you turn around you can see all of the light coming in and the silhouette of thousands of fish swimming around the opening.

An Advanced Open Water certification is recommended but not required for diving this area. If you are Advanced you can access a hatch under the well deck and swim up into the super-structure and ultimately make it to the wheelhouse. Don't forget your gloves for the descent line and a reel for any penetration you may do as a Wreck Specialist or Advanced Diver.

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