Molasses Deep South

  • Molasses Deep South photo
  • Molasses Deep South photo
  • Molasses Deep South photo
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  • Site Depth:
    55-80 feet

    Diver Level:
    Open Water

Molasses Deep South is situated on the Souththeast side of Molasses Reef. Separated from the shallow reef, this site is a continuation of Molasses Deep North. A stretch of sand lies between the shallow sites and the deep. A gradual sloping drop off from the main reef takes divers from 55 to 80 feet.

Since this site is in deeper water and away from the main reef, divers can expect to encounter some larger fish life, including pelagics not normally found in shallower waters. Eagle Rays and Reef Sharks have been sighted out here as well as Loggerhead turtles, Goliath Groupers and schools of Tarpon.

Due to the currents frequently found on Molasses Reef, the deep dives here are typically conducted as Drift Dives. This offers divers the opportunity to cover a lot of area, see the most of the reef and maximize their limited bottom time. This site is great for experienced or advanced divers, and offers a good opportunity for a large animal encounter.

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