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  • Site Depth:
    35-45 feet

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    Open Water

Woody's Ledge is situated on the Northeast side of French Reef. Separated from the main reef by a couple hundred yards, this site is different from any other in the area. A large stretch of sand lies between Turtle Ledges and Woody's. The ledge here is well defined, rises 5 to 10 feet off the bottom, has large deep undercuts, and runs Southwest for most of the length of the reef.

Be on the lookout for our local resident Loggerhead Turtle, Rene; and bring a small light to check under the ledge for Moray Eels, Lobsters and Spider Crabs. The sandy area off the ledge is frequented by Stingrays, Goatfish and Conch.

The Sand off Woody's Ledge is at 35 feet and drops to about 45 feet as you follow the ledge Southwest. This is a good spot for certified divers and Advanced Open Water training. Woody's is also the end of the line when we drift the french deep location.

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