JR 'Dock Grandpa' ( Air Operations Team )

  • Project Manager/Instructor

    PADI Master Instructor - Scuba Diving since 2002

    JRs love of diving began in 2002 when he walked into a dive shop in Southern Indiana and signed up for his PADI Open Water course and bought all his gear the very first day. Little did he know; his life would never be the same after that day. Not only did learning to dive change his life professionally, it personally changed his entire world. JR met the love of his life, one of our Course Directors, Tina Conrad, at the dive center and since that afternoon in 2002, diving went from a hobby to a love for the sport that has to be shared. JR has always loved teaching others and diving is no exception. He worked his way through the PADI diver and professional levels to become a PADI Master Instructor alongside Tina and together they started running that Southern Indiana dive center. Not only did JR teach and help manage the dive center but he also oversaw the maintenance and repair of all equipment and accompanied customers on travels around the globe.


    JRs professional background beyond diving includes owning his own masonry and construction company since 1993, where he excelled at offering custom work for his clients. He has experience in laying brick, block, stone and associated materials to construct homes, businesses, sidewalks, mailboxes, etc. He is experienced in all aspects of remodeling and constructing homes as a general contractor and site manager. At Rainbow Reef, JR oversees all aspects of our facilities, including working closely with our Captains and our interns to keep everything running behind the scenes.


    JR also served in the Kentucky Air National Guard 123rd Civil Engineer Tactical Unit from 1983-1996 as heavy equipment operator, sheet metal fabrication specialist and mason. In 2015 he earned his Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology and HVAC.


    Diving opened the door for JR to take his love for traveling beyond the U.S. boarders to other countries including Australia, New Zealand, The Galapagos, Mexico, Guadalupe Island with the Great Whites, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, St. Lucia, The Bahamas, St. Thomas, St. Croix, the Turks and Cacaos, Barbados and Dominica. Even with all these amazing locations, The Florida Keys has always held a special place in his heart, it was one of the first trips JR and Tina did together and it has always felt like home. JR is excited to be working with Rainbow Reef as Project Manager and loves being able to use all of his skills as part of the Rainbow Reef Team.



    • Favorite Dive Site:


    • Favorite Specialty Class:


    • Favorite Fish:

      Juvenile trunk

    • Favorite Restaurant:

      Pilot House

    • Favorite Movie:

      Captain Ron

    PADI Specialty Instructor Certifications:

    • Wreck Diver

    • Deep Diver

    • Enriched Air/Nitrox Diver

    • Boat Diver

    • Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver

    • Night Diver

    • Search & Recovery Diver

    • Gas Blender

    • Underwater Naturalist

    • Underwater Navigator

    • Digital Photo/Video

    • Equipment Specialist

    • Project Aware

    • Coral Reef Conservation

    • Fish Identification

    • TecRec Gas Blender

    • PADI Emergency 02 Provider

    • EFR Primary/Secondary Care

    • EFR Care for Children

My Dive Gear:

  • Regulators:

    Aqua Lung Legend LX

    Legend LX image - medium If the only two things you are concerned about is safety and comfort, look no further. This third generation Legend regulator has the same great breathability as its predecessors but with a new feature. The MBS is the new easy way to adjust the breathing ...

  • BCD:

    Aqua Lung Axiom i3

    Axiom i3 image - medium A feature-rich, ADV style, wrap-around jacket that incorporates the innovative i3 inflation / deflation system (patented). The integrated WraptureTM harness system (pat. pend.) allows you to stand up straight in total comfort while the cylinder remains pe...

  • Dive Computers:

    Suunto Cobra3 Dive Computer

    Cobra3 Dive Computer image - medium The Suunto Cobra3 is engineered for avid divers and features Suunto's all new electronic 3D compass and an easy-to-read matrix display with simplified four-button operation. The Cobra3's new electronic 3D compass offers divers the unique ability to tilt t...

  • Mask:

    Atomic SubFrame

    SubFrame image - medium The Atomic Aquatics SubFrame Mask is so durable, it carries a Lifetime warranty against frame breakage. The strength comes from the internal frame (subframe) molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt (patent pending). This subframe ...

  • Fins:

    Atomic Split Fins

    Split Fins image - medium All it took was watching the tail fins of fish - except that we couldn't keep up with them because our traditional fins took too much effort. Using hard kicking paddle fins can result in leg strain, fatigue and cramping. Because of the kick resistance of ...

  • Snorkel:

    Atomic SV-2 Snorkel

    SV-2 Snorkel image - medium The SV2 includes a Scupper Valve lower section with a sleek semi-dry top. The SV2 semi-dry top employs horizontal vents engineered to diffuse splashed water that would normally freely enter the snorkel top. The small gaps between the vanes of the vent res...

  • Octopus:

    Aqua Lung Legend Octo

    Legend Octo image - medium This balanced second stage is the perfect pairing for the Legend LX regulator. Its breathability is unmatched. In fact, it breathes easier than most primary regulators! Made with the same high quality parts and materials as the Legend LX, quality and dura...

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